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World Tourism Day 2020

With the relative ease of modern-day travel, it’s not hard to take it granted, and the events of 2020 have served to highlight just how important travelling is to our global community and economy. We rely on travel to build and maintain strong businesses, to receive education, to connect with family and for those ever-important breaks for relaxation and adventure. In the wake of World Tourism Day 2020, as we look toward the further lifting of temporary travel restrictions and increased border re-openings across the globe, we asked employees across the CTM Group of businesses  – “If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?”.


Albane Mahaut, Business Analysis & Solutions Manager – Melbourne, Australia
I would love nothing more than to be able to travel back to France to meet my niece, as my little sister just gave birth to her daughter and I don’t know when I will be able to see them both… I miss my family so much and with the borders closed, I feel even further from them.

World tourism day 2020 banner - Eiffel Tower


James Meggitt, ICT Manager – Brisbane, Australia
I would travel to Montreal. It’s an amazing city and I have a great group of friends there I haven’t seen in person for years…and I’d have to visit Schwartz’s Deli on St Laurent Blvd for one of their world-famous smoked meat sandwiches that are to die for!


Tracy Wu, Client Value Manager – Taiwan
Japan. The cities are clean, the food is yummy and the people are so kind.

Ted Tseng, General Manager of Taiwan – Taiwan
I would like to go to Tokyo, the city to host the next Olympic games in 2021.  I like to see and learn how the Japanese prepare for the Olympic Games with professionalism and precision during COVID-19 pandemic.

World tourism day 2020 Mount Fuji


Turks & Caicos

Emily Campion, Marketing Communications Manager – Denver, USA
Turks & Caicos because sitting at the beach or the pool reading book after book for one week straight is good for the soul.

World tourism day 2020 - mother and daughter smiling in the snow 


Teri Awwad, General Manager Event Travel (North America) – Denver, USA
I would go to the top of our family bucket list and travel to Africa for a safari.  The family time on an amazing experience would be so worth it!


Debbie Herroz, Account Manager MTravel –  Los Angeles, USA
Tahiti for the Paul Gauguin Cruise that was postponed for us in July 2020.  Tahiti has been a dream destination for me ever since I started in the travel industry 22 years ago.  When the Paul Gauguin ship was re-invented 10 years ago, I decided that was how I wanted to visit Tahiti and I’ve been working toward it ever since.  It’s rescheduled for July 2021 and I’m optimistic it will be a go!

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Chris Hurst, Director of Business Development – USA
Kauai, Hawaii.  My amazing wife Rachel and I have been married for 12 years in September 2020.  Kauai is where we started our journey and I’d love to show our boys where it all began.


The Netherlands

Timmo Rol, Chief Technology Officer AU/NZ – Sydney, Australia
I would travel back home to the Netherlands with my two girls to see my mother, she is missing her granddaughters greatly.

The Gili Islands

Susan Connor, General Manager VIC and TAS – Melbourne, Australia
The Gili Islands, Indonesia – I was supposed to be there now…sunning myself by the pool, cocktails in one hand, chicken satays in the other… Anywhere warm and over 5km from home would be perfect really given the lockdown we’ve experienced in Melbourne!


Kirsten Ashall, Senior Strategic Business Manager – London, UK
Barbados! My paradise that always glows brightly under the sun’s smile.

Costa Rica

Genorie Church, Account Manager – USA
Costa Rica.  I’ve always wanted to go, and spending time on the beach or zip-lining through the jungle sounds like an excellent way to restore after the pandemic.


Roshni Mistry, Marketing Assistant – London, UK
I would love to visit Turkey, Cappadocia, to see its unique rock formations and amazing hot air ballooning opportunities, especially during sunset!



Mark Schnabel, Director of Business Development – USA
I would get back on a plane and travel back to Cancun to spend time in Playa del Carmen.  We went there in August 2020 and felt very comfortable with how the airports, airlines, and Mexico handled all the health measures to keep us protected from COVID-19.  And most importantly, we returned the favour by washing our hands, wearing a mask, keeping our distance, and not travelling if unwell.


With many countries and travel providers actively planning and working together towards the future of ‘COVID-safe’ travel, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about and planning your next destination for business or pleasure.

Find out more about World Tourism Day, it’s 40-year history and the contribution that the travel industry makes to the global economy.

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