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It's a Great Time to Go on a Guided Vacation


If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you’ve probably discovered that travel has been a little chaotic this year. Between staffing shortages, airline schedule changes, high gas prices, and inflation, this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise.

What this means for travelers is they should plan carefully and wisely to ensure they get the most out of their vacation with the least amount of hassle. And if you’ve never taken a guided vacation before, the flexibility, ease, reliability, and adventure they offer is very appealing.

Here’s why. 

The details are covered

Going guided means you can save your precious time and leave the tedium of scheduling and booking to the pros. When you choose one of Collette‘s guided tours, you get a carefully crafted vacation without the hassle and pressure of planning a daily itinerary on your own.

Big, life-changing experiences, without the stress

Going guided means traveling in comfort and ease—without sacrificing the adventure, wonder, and exhilaration of an extraordinary vacation. Collette’s industry professionals have traveled the world in search of the best accommodations, dining, and transport so you don’t have to plan around the good (or bad) reviews of strangers on the internet.

You’re not alone, even if you are

When we ask our travelers what they like most about touring with us, we consistently hear the same two answers: our top-notch Tour Managers, and the friends made along the way.

Smaller group sizes

Traditional guided tours are great for seeing big-ticket attractions, but smaller groups give you access to more cultural experiences, boutique hotels, and eclectic eateries than ever before. Collette’s small group Explorations tours are designed to take curious and adventurous travelers like you into the heart of each destination, for an experience that’s authentic and unforgettable.

Unrivaled travel protection

Covid-related travel restrictions are steadily lifting, but if there’s anything we’ve learned from the pandemic, it’s that things can change—fast. Collette offers a travel protection plan that gives you the flexibility to cancel your trip at any time up to 24 hours before your departure date to get your money back for any reason.

While we can’t fix the airline problem or lower gas prices, our network of Travel Advisors together with Collette can promise you that our experience and industry relationships help us provide our clients with the best journey for the best value.

To book your guided vacation, contact 1000 Mile Travel Vacation experts today.